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The EBV Recovery Masterclass with Dr. Kasia Kines starts April, 1st 2019. Space is limited to assure quality attention. Join us NOW to secure your spot!
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Allow Your Healing To Start...
with The EBV Recovery Masterclass 
This is a whole-person approach and it is strategic and focused, while action steps are simple, practical, effective and doable, geared towards a person that is not well, is not thinking at optimal speed, and does not have optimal energy. 

This is the client population Dr. Kines works with every day, and so the Program reflects the needs and challenges of the EBV population.

The participants start and graduate at the same time, join a private Facebook community of the other like-minded people in the Program, and also enjoy weekly live coaching/ Q&A teleconferences with Dr. Kines. You are on this journey together.
  • Most Effective anti-EBV supplement protocol (access to the best quality products)
  • Stellar anti-EBV strategies for special foods, culinary herbs, and spices - doable even when you feel exhausted
  • Symptoms and Progress Tracking Systems
  • 5 Get-Unstuck Bonus Intensives
  • Private Facebook Community with direct access to Dr. Kasia Kines in Live Q&A video conferences every single week of the Program!
The EBV Masterclass program has 8 weekly modules that focus on the most important aspects of the virus, and additional weeks are added for the onboarding and for graduation and celebration for a total of 10-weeks together. 
The 8 Weekly Modules Include:
Setting up for Success
Extra Week to Jump In!
Community/culture of EBV Heroes
Quick Supplement Starter
Set your goals
Resources for your Doctor and Loved ones to Validate your EBV

Module 1
Eating Your Way out of EBV
Anti-EBV foods
EBV-triggering foods to avoid
Practical tools 
Lifestyle management
Quality food shopping on a budget
Eating smart to stall the virus
Module 2
Anti-EBV Superstars in Your Kitchen  
Special nutrients
Special daily EBV teas
Herbs & culinary spices for EBV
Kitchen-Rehab & New Healing Pantry 
Super Greens Project 
We learn to Balance Blood Glucose!
Module 3
Super-Smart Supplements
This aggressive virus demands special measures and a strategic approach
Results = Clarity! Energy! Recovery!
Module 4
EBV is Feeding on Your STRESS!
Astronauts again!
Stress is #1 reactivation trigger
Stress comes in surprising forms
Customizing stress tools to your situation
Module 5
Sleep disruption stalls your ability to ward off EBV
I will train you on simple sleep solutions!
Modules 6 &7
Toxins Effect on EBV? 
Air, Water, GMOs, Microwaving
How to support gentle daily detoxification
Liver support and beyond
(EMF Bonus Intensive!)
(Heavy metals: Bonus Intensive!)
We talk science and practical solutions….
Module 8
A Deeper Healing Journey
Your life’s purpose 
Spiritual healing
Dissipating anxiety and fear
Generational past...
Week-10 Module 
Graduate and Celebrate Together
Time to celebrate each other- your EBV Hero community
Time to gloat about all your successes and goals met
Plan ahead how to move forward...

Tools Included For Your Success:
  •  Goal Setting
  •  Kitchen Immersion Challenge 
  •  Cooking and Shopping Video Demos
  •  Worksheets
  •  Audios/Videos
  •  Charts & Tables
  •  Self-Assessment Tracking
  •  A New EBV Hero Culture
  •  and much much more...
PLUS 5 Extra Bonus Modules:
Get-Unstuck BONUS INTENSIVE #1 - Heavy Metals ($495 Value)
Get-Unstuck BONUS INTENSIVE #2 -Toxic Molds ($495 value)
Get-Unstuck BONUS INTENSIVE #3 - SIBO and other Co-Infections ($997 Value)
Get-Unstuck BONUS INTENSIVE #4 - EMF ($397 Value)
Get-Unstuck BONUS INTENSIVE #5 - Crack Your Own EBV Lab Results: EBV Lab Interpretation ($297 Value)

Here’s What People Are Saying About Dr. Kasia Kines:


Within 3 weeks of following the protocols and suggestions, I felt the best that I had in 6 years.


She knows more about nutrition than any doctor I have ever worked with, and her research is so solid that even my husband cannot find fault. I recommend Kasia to all my friends, colleagues and even my doctor. If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia.
100% Money Back Guarantee

If EBV Recovery Masterclass doesn't help you at all within the first 14-days or does not meet your expectations by that time, I will refund you the money you spent on it!
What Are You Waiting For?
Space Is Limited To Assure Ample Attention For Each Participant
Join Now Before We Are Full! LIVE Weekly Modules Start April, 1st, 2019.
EBV Masterclass Frequently Asked Questions
How long exactly is the Masterclass?
There are 8 weekly modules, so it is 8 weeks. However, before Module 1 there is a Welcome/Onboarding Module and the week that follows Module 8, there is a Graduation/Celebration Week. So in total, there are 10 weeks. In addition, we have extended the access to the Program for extra 6 weeks after the Graduation week, so the total access to the Program is 16 weeks.
What happens if I miss the weekly group live teleconference?
These will be recorded and provided to the group. Questions can also be asked in the program Facebook group. 
I am following Medical Medium. Will the Masterclass contradict what I am doing?
I am a great fan of the food philosophy behind Medical Medium. One can pick the best of both worlds to customize their journey. The more supportive tools that work the better.
Will I have to stop the diet I am on now?
People with chronic EBV have been on various diets to try to recover. If you have done that and you are still not well, then these diets were not fit for EBV in general or for you in particular. While there is not a specific “EBV diet,” there are very specific guidelines that will be recommended, based on research and clinical results. That said, all dietary choices will be at the person’s discretion, given the individual likes and dislikes, tolerances and intolerances and dietary history. These details will definitely be hot topics during the weekly teleconferences.
Is exercise part of the Masterclass? I cannot tolerate any exercise now.
Tolerance to exercise is a measure of recovery from EBV and stabilization. Exercise is not advised during the Program depending on how the person responds to exercise at this time. Gentle forms of movements are encouraged only if tolerated, e.g.,  just a short gentle walk or a stretch.
Will the Masterclass still work if I cannot take any supplements or if I can only take a few or at minimal dosage level?
The right supplements can help dramatically  shorten the recovery time and therefore are an integral part of the Program. However, even  without the supplements, there is much room for healing with all the other areas of the person’s daily life that are all addressed in detail in the Program and that need to be addressed in order to move forward with chronic EBV. The recovery will just take more time.
Can I take the Masterclass if I live outside of the USA?
If you live outside the US, you cannot purchase the Jumpstart Bundle and you will have to access supplements directly from your country at your discretion. You also may not be able to attend the weekly live group calls live due to the different time zones, but you WILL receive all the recordings. You will otherwise enjoy the Program just like all the other persons in the group. Remember that you can still ask questions in the private Facebook group we have for the Program.
Can I take the Masterclass more than once?
If you are asking this question, you are very smart and strategic and you already anticipate, and rightly so, that healing is a process. Recovery from EBV requires major changes in the lifestyle and possibly one’s diet. While one go at the Program can help you recover, life with its complications happens. You may not yet have the stamina to weather the stress and may benefit from more structured support. Or you simply want to go over all the projects again and hone in on them even better this time. The additional benefit is that you will continue being part of the FB community even after you graduate, so you will remain connected. You will have new friends there. At some point, you and a few friends from your cohort  may decide to retake the Program together and be accountability buddies to each other! In a word,  it is a great idea to take the Program more than once if or as needed. It is not offered often, so there is time to practice before enrollment opens again. The EBV Recovery Masterclass alumni will always have a special discounted price on enrollment regardless of how many times they do so.
Is there a refund if I decide this Program is not for me?
We want every participant to succeed. Since everyone has different learning styles and expectations, we offer a 100% no questions asked refund guarantee. After 14 days in the Program, there are no refunds available, whether the Program is paid in full or through a payment plan.
What if the Program does not help me at all?
As long as I have worked with EBV and as excellent as this Program may be, there cannot be any guarantees in any group program or even individual work of a complete resolution of a person’s health challenge. That said, the Program offers 5 Bonus Intensives to address the most common areas that stall the person’s ability to recover from EBV, such as coinfections like SIBO, H- pylori and more, heavy metals, especially mercury, hidden EMF exposure, or toxic mold.
It's time to finally break free from the pain and suffering that EBV has caused! Begin a new life of strength and happinessLIVE Weekly Modules Start April, 1st, 2019.
So Sorry, Enrollment Is Currently Closed!