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What Can You Expect from Dr. Kasia Kines' Epstein-Barr Virus Program?

Rachel Adams

"Dr. Kasia has literally changed my life. I quit going to medical doctors at a young age because none of them could ever figure out what was wrong with me. My parents wanted to pursue natural and holistic alternatives to solve my health puzzle. Some things that we tried worked temporarily, but nothing lasted. Even in the natural world, it seemed no one understood EBV. I’m now 28 and have been in an off-and-on battle with EBV for over half of my life. When I found Dr. Kasia, I was in a place of absolute fear that I was going to be sick and debilitated for the rest of my life. I now know that that is not true AT ALL, because EBV is the root of my chronic symptoms and Dr. Kasia has given me the tools to win the battle against EBV every single time. I feel empowered and hopeful for the first time in my life." 

Sue Starling 

"I truly believe the EBV Masterclass saved my hearing and gave back my life! Prior to the course, my right ear had severe hearing loss with a true threat of going deaf caused by EBV. I believe Kasia’s Masterclass helped me get healthier and stronger; thus, my hearing has improved dramatically.  My neck is so smooth now.  There are no swollen glands and no neck pain anymore.  I now have more energy to do the things I like such as gardening or yoga.  I now have a love of cooking too, which I used to dread.  Furthermore, this awesome course has given me the skills to prevent EBV from reactivating and if it does, I know exactly what to do!  Kasia is a compassionate practitioner who goes over and beyond to help her students.  For example, she had each video transcribed so the class could have a printed copy, and I found this to be extremely helpful due to my hearing difficulties.  This course is a lifesaver and worth every penny!!   Thank you, Kasia!!"


"What you will learn with Dr. Kasia Kines in the EBV Masterclass will help you to be able to live your best life in the shortest time possible.  What she is covering in 10 weeks took me 10 years to learn on my own." 


"The timing of the EBV Masterclass offering came at the perfect time. I had just finished working with Dr. Kasia Kines one on one. The EBV Masterclass has helped me to really put into practice Dr. Kines’ protocols. A bonus of the masterclass was having support and encouragement from the fellow participants. I’m excited that my energy is returning. I am sleeping better, fewer interruptions during the night. My fatigue is diminishing, so I am building back up on my yoga practice. And cooking family meals again. For the first time in 2 years, I am enjoying my life again. I am beyond grateful for Dr. Kines sharing her expertise on EBV through this masterclass."


"Within 3 weeks of following the EBV protocols and suggestions, I felt the best that I had in 6 years."


"She knows more about nutrition than any doctor I have ever worked with, and her research is so solid that even my husband cannot find fault. I recommend Kasia to all my friends, colleagues and even my doctor. If you want to transform your life, if you want health and wellness, if you want peace of mind, there isn’t a better investment than working with Kasia."


"I have had a really good experience in the program. I looked forward to Kasia's upbeat attitude and smile every week. To have her on my side guiding us on what to do was so comforting. I am feeling better and I now have the tools to continue on my recovery journey."

Niko Barbera

After dropping out of college due to the severity of EBV and now returning to college following completion of the EBV Recovery Masterclass, this is what Niko had to say…

"I have been so busy just catching up on my life from being so ill with EBV. I'm feeling much better, I'd even go as far and say I feel better than I did before I was sick! I can't thank you enough for all the help, I haven't felt this good in a very long time.”
Heal from Epstein-Barr Virus and Transform Your Life!
with The Epstein-Barr Virus Recovery Masterclass 

The Epstein-Barr Virus Recovery Masterclass is the first ever clinically validated successful program for EBVwhich also goes beyond just physical healing. 

The Masterclass is an evidence-based but also practical, hands-on, whole-person approach to chronic EBV infection that also honors each person's emotional and spiritual healing.

The Program offers effective, simple, and doable action steps for people with EBV who struggle with brain fog, chronic fatigue, and multiple chronic disorders. 

I know the pain, fears, challenges, and complications of the EBV community only too well, working with that community every day. 

This is why I am on a mission to create a healing space and a new positive culture and community for people impacted by EBV.

This is why our "students" start and graduate at the same time, which gives them the opportunity to create a tight healing community together.  In fact, we have created an amazing EBV tribe we call EBV Heroes! 

This is also why I work closely with each group on weekly Live Q&A calls, making sure each person has the tools, support, and information they need to be successful. 

The best part of this journey is that our graduates stay in our EBV Hero community for life - so you are never alone again. WELCOME HOME!

Here's Exactly What You Get With the Program:
  • 10 weeks of the most comprehensive and effective anti-EBV protocols, proven by research and Dr. Kines’ own clients - with BONUSES!
  • Effective, simple, and doable anti-EBV strategies for people with EBV who struggle with brain fog, chronic fatigue, and multiple chronic disorders.
  • The most healing foods that will help increase and sustain your daily energy and pack a powerful antiviral punch!
  • Powerfully healing kitchen and pantry strategies to help make it easy to boost your intake of anti-EBV superstar foods.
  • An extensive tour of the ins and outs of supplementation for maximum recovery support.
  • Stress-busting techniques that help ward off reactivation, enhance daily serenity, and foster a deeper healing.
  • Guidelines for sleep hygiene and solutions for the common insomnia to maximize your healing.
  • Effective methods to help improve your internal detoxification mechanisms and to help detox your home.
And that's not all! You'll also get...
  • Lifetime access to a private Facebook Community and the new EBV Hero community and culture
  • Direct access to Dr. Kines also in live Q&A video conferences EVERY SINGLE WEEK of the Program!
  • A whole year of access to the EBV Recovery Masterclass materials.
  • You own all the Program materials through easy one-click zip file downloads.
  • Highly discounted rate to retake the Program as many times as needed.
What if You Do Not Get Much Better with this Program?
Sometimes despite your best efforts and doing everything right, EBV seems to be resistant and you end up feeling stuck in perpetual misery, exhaustion, and brain fog. This is demoralizing and depressing to say the least. And you should not blame yourself because there is a reason why EBV is not budging!

Over the course of my work with EBV, both with clients and in my studies, I have been able to pinpoint the five most common root causes behind the underlying hidden obstacles to healing from EBV. Any one of these can completely stall your progress, but in combination, which is not uncommon, they can be disastrous.

That's why I'm coming to the rescue with 5 Bonus Intensive Modules to help you get back on the path to recovery!  These 5 Bonus Intensives are not basic or superficial handouts. These are in-depth, clinically-verified and successful protocols that I've been applying with my own clients, helping them move forward. 
BONUS INTENSIVE: Heavy Metals ($495 Value)

Many of us are exposed to heavy metals without being aware of it and without necessarily having an environmentally toxic job. But what do you need to know about heavy metals? What types of tests are available and which one to choose? 

And if you are positive for a heavy metal, what exactly is the best and safest course of action, especially when you are already so compromised by EBV? What protocols are safest? 

In our culture, we like to "fix" things and do it fast. But is it a good approach for heavy metals? And which heavy metals may affect EBV the most?  All that and more.

BONUS INTENSIVE: Toxic Molds ($495 value)

Toxic mold is insidious and extremely dangerous for a susceptible person. Water damage in the household and workplace is more common than you would be led to believe and yet it may go unnoticed even for years. This is one of the most common scenarios in those with very resistant EBV. 

Until you rule it out and clear it out, you will struggle trying to heal from EBV. In this Bonus Intensive, you will learn what test to use, how to find the mold source, what to do about remediation, and what gentle protocols depending on the type of toxic mold are necessary for recovery. 

You simply cannot regain your health completely if you have toxic mold exposure.

BONUS INTENSIVE: SIBO and Other Co-Infections ($997 Value)

SIBO and EBV are sometimes concurrent and it is possible that one of the reasons for this is the virus damaging the vagus nerve, and thus signaling in the gastrointestinal tract and motility, leading to SIBO. But other co-infections are common too (e.g., strep, H. pylori, fungal overgrowth like Candida albicans, parasites, etc.). 

You will learn clinical pearls and practical shortcuts from years of my experience - how to assess the possible co-infections, what to test, and how to remedy them and, more importantly, prevent recurrence (always looking for the root causes), and create a sustainable and strong internal terrain that is much less susceptible to infections moving forward. 

This is a large extensive Bonus Intensive and you do not want to miss it. 


Energy pollution, electromagnetic smog, and EMF - there are many ways to refer to the pollution from Wi-Fi technology. While it is becoming evident in research that it is detrimental for our health, for the EBV community, it can be quite devastating. 

You need to understand and have clarity on all the sources of EMF in your environment and have the best, most practical and most effective toolkit to minimize or eliminate EMF pollution. This is especially important as in my experience, people with EBV are more sensitive to EMF and because an increase in Wi-Fi exposure may reactivate EBV.  

This information and resources you cannot go without. 

BONUS INTENSIVE: Crack Your Own EBV Lab Results ($297 Value)

I have painstakingly cataloged research on all permutations of accurate testing and lab interpretation of EBV both in existing research and in my client population only to see again and again that both medical community and even the most forward looking functional practitioners do not understand how to interpret the EBV labs. 

This is a topic I am asked about frequently and this is what I train my own clients and other clinicians to do properly so that EBV is no longer missed or misdiagnosed. 

This Intensive also teaches you how to order your labs direct-to consumer, so you no longer have to spend one or two years going from doctor to doctor trying to find one who will be willing to test you. 

This Bonus Intensive is very important because it will empower you and give you ownership and freedom of knowing your EBV status. I will also teach you how to understand retested values and what to expect from retesting.


What Is It Costing You NOT to Get the Right Help?

Let me ask you a question. If you don't get help to overcome EBV now, what will happen? 

What will be the cost to your health, to your life, to your family? 

I know how much EBV has cost you already. 

You've likely spent thousands of dollars in medical care, testing, supplements, and special diets.

Perhaps you've had to take medical leave, lost your job, or even gone on disability.

Maybe, like some of my clients, it's even cost you in damaging your marriage or other close relationships.

Only another person with EBV knows what you feel. 

So my question to you is...

If you don't solve this problem now, what's going to happen in the future?

There's one thing I know for sure. It's not going to get better on its own.

That's why I'm here to help. 

If you're finally ready to get off this crazy-making and life-destroying roller-coaster, I'm here for you.

I want you to imagine what you could do with your life if you got truly WELL.

Perhaps you would...

... chase your dog in the park,
... have a dinner out with a friend
... excel in your professional life again, 
... go for a run in your favorite spot, 
... or take your children to Disneyland?  

All without fears that you will crash from EBV?

If you are ready to commit to yourself and take the steps we have designed for you, 
then this Program has been created just for you!

Our Guarantee

I have and continue to invest an incredible amount of time, resources, and effort in this Program to provide the best opportunity for those affected by EBV to recover. That is why we ask that you please give the Program an honest try. This means: 

-- Watching all video lessons in Modules 1-3
-- Completing all forms and assessments in Modules 1-3

If, after completing the above and implementing all of the diet and lifestyle recommendations, you feel that the Program is not helping you after all, please reach out to us directly for a refund before the end of Module 3. You must submit all completed forms and assessments for your refund to be processed. 

Keep in mind that this Program can be taken again and again at a highly discounted price to our alumni, and remember that you have one year to consume it if you need a slower pace. You CAN do it and you CAN succeed unless you give up! We are committed to your success.

Don't Let Your Life Pass You By
Space Is Limited to Ensure Ample Attention for Each Participant

Join Us before the Program Fills up!

The LIVE Program is currently closed.
Pay $1997
3 Monthly Payments of $667
EBV Recovery Masterclass FAQs
How long exactly is the Masterclass?
There are 10 weekly modules, so it is 10 weeks. During Week 1, there is a Welcome/Onboarding Module and during Week 10, there is a Graduation/Celebration Module. In addition, we have extended the Program to a full year of access.
What happens if I miss the weekly group live teleconference?
These will be recorded and provided to the group, along with a downloadable PDF of answers to the questions asked. Questions can also be asked in the Program Facebook group during the week. 
I am following Medical Medium. Will the Masterclass contradict what I am doing?
I am a great fan of the food philosophy behind Medical Medium. One can pick the best of both worlds to customize their journey. The more supportive tools that work, the better. The more plants in our diet, the more healing.
Will I have to stop the diet I am on now?
People with chronic EBV have been on various diets to try to recover. If you have done that and you are still not well, then these diets were not fit for EBV in general or for you in particular. While there is not a specific “EBV diet,” there are very specific guidelines that will be recommended, based on research and clinical results. That said, all dietary choices will be at each person’s discretion, given the individual likes and dislikes, tolerances and intolerances, and dietary history. These details will definitely be hot topics discussed during the weekly teleconferences.
Is exercise part of the Masterclass? I cannot tolerate any exercise now.
Tolerance to exercise is a measure of recovery from EBV and stabilization. Exercise is not advised during the Program depending on how the person responds to exercise at this time. Gentle forms of movements are encouraged only if tolerated, e.g.,  just a short gentle walk or a stretch, yoga, or tai chi.
Will the Masterclass still work if I cannot take any supplements or if I can only take a few or at minimal dosage level?
The right supplements can help dramatically shorten the recovery time and therefore are an integral part of the Program. However, even  without the supplements, there is much room for healing with all the other areas of the person’s daily life that are all addressed in detail in the Program and in the Bonus Intensives and need to be addressed in order to move forward with chronic EBV. The recovery will just take more time.
Can I take the Masterclass if I live outside of the USA?
If you live outside the US, you can still take the Masterclass. However, you cannot purchase the Jumpstart Bundle, but you will have to access supplements directly from your country at your discretion. You also may not be able to attend the weekly live group calls live due to the different time zones (most of the time calls are scheduled for 2 or 3pm Pacific Time), but you WILL receive a recording within a day from each weekly Q&A. You will otherwise enjoy the Program just like all the other persons in the group. Remember that you can still ask questions in the private Facebook group we have for the Program.
Can I take the Masterclass more than once?
If you are asking this question, you are very smart and strategic and you already anticipate, and rightly so, that healing is a process. Recovery from EBV requires major changes in the lifestyle and possibly in your life. While one go at the Program can help you recover, life with its complications and interruptions happens. You may not yet have the stamina to weather the stress and may benefit from more structured support. You may not have enough time each week. Or you simply want to go over all the projects again and hone in on them even further. The additional benefits of our Masterclass is that even after a year of access to the Program, you will continue being part of the FB community, so you will remain connected. You will have new friends there. At some point, you and a few friends from your cohort may decide to retake the Program together and be accountability buddies to each other! In other words, it is a great idea to take the Program more than once or as needed. It is not offered often, so there may be time to practice before enrollment opens again. The EBV Recovery Masterclass alumni will always have a special highly discounted rate for the Program regardless of how many times they take it. Our goal is to support your healing, sustainable recovery, and to help you get your life back!
Is there a refund if I decide this Program is not for me?
We want every participant to succeed. But we also do not want you to jump in if you are not sure you can commit to your healing and to the time and attention this will require of you at this time. Since everyone has different learning styles and expectations, we will provide you with 3 weeks' worth of the Program. If within that time, after you do all assignments, you still feel the Program is not helping you at all, upon your completion of all the needed assignments and providing them to us within those 3 weeks, we will be happy to provide a full refund. Please know, we put a lot of work and thought into this Program for you to succeed, and all we ask is that you give the Program an honest try or that you do not enroll if you are not sure this is a good fit or time. If after purchasing the Program you contemplate a refund, please reach out to us directly first!
What if the Program does not help me at all?
As much as I have worked with EBV and as excellent as this Program may be, there cannot be any guarantees in any group program or even individual work of a complete resolution of a person’s health challenge, especially with a debilitating and complex chronic illness like EBV. That said, the Program has a very specific design to maximize your success and take out any confusion from your EBV circumstances. We go through all foundational pieces first for 10 weeks. Then, we offer 5 Bonus Intensives to address the most common areas that stall the person’s ability to recover from EBV, such as co-infections like SIBO, H-pylori and more, heavy metals, especially mercury, hidden EMF exposure, or toxic mold. These Bonuses open at the end of Week 10, so first you have an opportunity to focus step by step on the foundation needed for EBV without distractions. After that ground work, if you still do not feel you are recovering, you will be in a better position to benefit from each of the Bonuses and pinpoint which of the issues presented in them is keeping the virus so strong, and focusing on solutions provided for that issue in the Bonus. One way or another, you will improve. The Program will only not help you if you do not have EBV or if you give up completely.
How long can I stay in the Program's private Facebook community?
The EBV Masterclass is your tribe. This is your community of EBV Heroes like you. While other programs close access to the FB group after the program's completion, our goal has always been to create a safe and positive space for all the students and alumni and create a community where you are heard and supported and where others understand exactly what you are going through. Indeed, it is your tribe. We are committed to keeping our alumni in the group as long as they wish. We do not remove anyone unless they are disruptive or disrespectful to the community. This is the first ever positive, forward-moving EBV community in existence. I keep a close eye and I am personally connected to this community.
I already have the book. Why would I still need the Program?
The information in the book is life changing. However, for most people, reading an expansive 580-page book can be overwhelming and may not translate into action. Moreover, following a protocol alone can be intimidating. The Program is much more than the book. It offers a timeline, accountability, goal setting, and encouragement. It provides a vibrant community for added inspiration and accountability as well as an opportunity to ask me questions directly in weekly live Q&As and the private Facebook community. I created a step-by-step process where you both learn and apply as you go and where you celebrate each success along the way together. This is also a community where you feel heard and understood. The Program is the only positive, forward-moving EBV community with specific tools for healing from EBV in existence. This is a community of EBV Heroes just like you who decided it is time to finally recover from EBV. If you are not sure about your next course of action, we recommend reading the book first. This will give you clarity whether it is all that you need to get your life back. Many students in our groups have read the book or own it.
It's time to finally break free from the pain and suffering that EBV has caused! Begin a new life of strength and happinessLIVE Weekly Modules Start October 7, 2019.
Enrollment Is Currently Closed